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Hello friend!

My name is Mercy Green. I am a hairstylist, originally from Dallas, now proudly serving the Fort Worth community

As a creative and lover of color, I know exactly how important it is to have your hair be a form of self-expression and self-care. A lot of my guests have said they feel more like themselves with vibrant hair than anything else. In my studio suite I have created a welcoming space with healing energy so you can walk out feeling empowered, beautiful, and like your best and truest self.


I’ve been a stylist since 2015 and I specialize in vivids, creative color and color corrections. I take great pride in my education and that fact that I have traveled from LA to NYC for master color classes and continue to seek out continuing education to elevate my skills. 

While most stylists can offer a great first visit and solid maintenance schedule,  I like to work with all of my guests to create a long-term care plan that is completely customized to fit their lifestyle. I want your hair to look good when you leave my chair and 2 months down the road. I strive for open and honest communication with my guests. If I think the goal is not possible at the time, we will work together to get you there! 

When I’m not behind the chair, I’m usually finding inspiration in other art forms like painting or music. My husband and I love playing music together and serenading our fur babies with Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday covers.  I never grew out of my emo phase, which explains a lot! 


Click here to check out my service menu or book an appointment. Email me at if you have any questions. 

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